Taking up Devices Soon?

Student uses iPad

If you are taking up 1:1 devices soon, think about what kind of receipt you want to give your students. After much brainstorming and trial/error, we came up with what we needed on our form last year when we took up iPads from students.

Note: Our students took the iPads home all year. We were retrieving them for the summer to clean, repair, and prepare for the this year.

We discussed what this form should look like and decided we wanted a form in triplicate. One piece to stay on the device, one piece to the person entering the info into the asset tracking system, and the third piece is a receipt for the student.

  1.  These are things we wanted on the top two lines of the form:
    1. Name
    2. Date
    3. ID#
    4. iPad#
  2. Below we had an ALL CLEAR line.
  3. Below the ALL CLEAR, we had a place for
  4. Damaged/Missing Items
    1. Charging Chord
    2. Charging Brick
    3. Case
    4. Sheild/Stand
    5. Any known damage?
  5. Line for signature of student
  6. Line for initials of adult receiving it
  7. We also added a line stating: “I understand that I am responsible for payment of fines for damaged or missing items.”

The student fills out his name, date, ID# and iPad #, but nothing else. Everything else was filled out when the student checked in the device.

The forms were printed and cut, four to a page, by our district’s print shop for a nominal cost. They worked out well, and it was great to have 3 copies so multiple people could work with the information simultaneously.

Hope this helps! If you want a copy of the form we used, just comment below and I will email one to you.

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