Starting School with New iPads, Chromebooks, or Tablets?

School starts soon for so many, and it’s time to support all of you with new devices in your classrooms. Now what?

Here are a few practical tips to help you begin this exciting new year!

  • Find 1 or 2 apps or web tools you want to start using.
    • Learn the basics, teach your students what you want them to do with those 1 or 2 tools.
    • Learn all the bells and whistles with your students as you discover together what they can do.
  • Practice with the students so they know how you want it to look and feel when they pick up and turn in devices. (You may want to practice with pieces of paper or cardboard before you let them practice with the devices.)
  • Arrange your classroom so you can reach each student easily.
  • Make short-term, truly attainable goals and take time to reflect on how great you are doing!  These goals are not for your school or district; these are personal for YOU! Keep a record of your successes and celebrate them! (It’s so easy to remember the hard days and frustrations, isn’t it?) You will want something you can quickly access after a rough day or when you want to see how far you have come. Try one of these ideas from teachers just like you:
    • write success notes on your calendar
    • take pictures or video records of successful experiences
    • keep a portfolio of things that show you are meeting your goals

Finally, have a wonderful year! Have fun! Laugh a lot, and make it work for you!


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