Top 10 Reasons I Love Usborne Books & More

Several people have wondered why in the world would I add something like Usborne Books to my already busy life?!?!

Mother Earth News Fair 2017

This is me at the Mother Earth News Fair in Belton, Texas in February. Isn’t my booth cute?

As a retired educator with an instructional technology consulting business, Usborne Books & More may not seem to be the most logical choice for me. I have always loved reading books, learning from them, traveling through them, and immersing myself in the stories. 

There’s so much more to this business, though. In addition to the fact that I don’t have to carry inventory, I don’t have required minimum sales, and the cost to begin was minimal and without risk, there are tons of great reasons I do this business. So…without further ado, the Top 10 Reasons I Love Usborne Books & More:

  • Usborne not only values my educational knowledge and experience, they honor all the skills honed in my 20+ years as a professional educator. I am appreciated as a colleague, and I am rewarded for my contributions.
  • Usborne offers training, support and a proven business model to follow. I am learning a lot and loving every minute. (Running a business is NOT in my personal experiences, so I need all the support I can get!)
  • I feel a rush of excitement every time I receive a new online order in my virtual store, someone requests to hold an event or the UPS truck shows up with a box of books. I feel all giddy just typing about it!
  • This business fits into my very hectic life! I can’t be fired for missing work. If I want to ignore it and take care of my sweet husband like I did much of last year, that is fine. I didn’t make money when I didn’t work, but my business was there waiting for me when I came back to it.
  • My book business is all mine to work as I wish. If I want it to be a hobby, I can work it just a little when I feel like it. If I want to build a career out of it, I can do that, too. It’s totally up to me.
  • There is no glass ceiling. The more I sell, the more money I make. If I bring other  consultants on board, I can make even more. I have seen men, women, people of every color, age, and ability level making this business profitable for them.  
  • Terice’s Bookstore is a nice counterpoint to EnvisionEd Consuting, LLC, my other business. EEC immerses me in providing appropriate technology education for our children, and Terice’s Bookstore allows me to put books in children’s hands. Each is an absolutely vital part of increasing literacy in our country.  
  • I believe in Usborne Books & More’s Mission:

“The future of our world depends on the education of our children. We deliver educational excellence one book at a time. We provide economic opportunity while fostering strong family values. We touch the lives of children for a lifetime.”

  • My Usborne colleagues and customers are incredible. I met some consultants last summer at the UBAM convention who have become true friends. My customer base now includes not only my friends and family, but their friends and extended families. I couldn’t imagine anything sweeter than having a business that includes all these wonderful people.
  • I LOVE THE BOOKS and can’t go a day without sharing them. 

Now you understand why Usborne Books & More is so important to me!

Feel free to comment or contact me directly if you have more questions.

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Peace and love and happy reading to all.

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