Teacher Love

I am honored to have spent 3 days this week with teachers of preschool-5th grade at the Tots & Technology conference in Frisco, Texas. As an educator of 30+years, I remembered again how dedicated, kind and joyful teachers are.

SBMS iPad Training 3 Oct 2012.jpgThey spent countless dollars on books for their own children and their school children. Unlike so many funny memes and pics you see stating that teachers dread the start of school, I heard multiple teachers say, “I can’t WAIT for school to start.”  They love their jobs, and I loved hearing it again.

So, this year when you walk your child to his elementary room or take a toddler to meet the new pre-k teacher, give that teacher your hand in partnership as you both work with your child. And if you want to give her something else, just ask what she needs for her room!  Most likely, she has a wish list she is working through with her own funds.

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2 Responses to Teacher Love

  1. marilyn streater says:

    I see the Librarian from K-P! Our Mr. John Woodward was there too. I know you and Vicki did a great job.

    • terice says:

      This is actually an older picture of a previous training at SBMS. I got permission to use this picture 3 years ago, and I keep using it! I don’t post pics of my training online unless I remember to ask the participants! LOL

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