Hello world!

Hello! I love teaching adults, and I wonder what you think? I want to offer training that is collaborative. In other words, in training for teachers this summer, I want them to pick their own group, sign up as a group, and then ask for what they want to help them make the training exactly what they need it to be. Any ideas from you guys?

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Traveling grandmother who loves beaches, cruises, and seeing the sites. I share fun travels with family as well as a great girlfriends' trip!
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  1. D. R. Arthur says:


    Terice, please read herein contains larger ideas for your program within the Belton ISD. Your influence and plans of course extend well beyond with a readership that reaches so many others. So would you please add these three iPad App’s into potential slots to your online spreadsheet there:

    Now your list is pretty cool mind you. But there are some small iPad App’s for various programs where T. T. Schneider may open up ideas for STEM, writing detail work with Pages, Numbers and so forth. Review these and please let me know your kind thoughts afterwards.

    1.) Clapboard
    — Take One! A fun and useful video task tool for amateurs and pros alike.

    2.) Cymbol™
    — Finally, Pilcrow, Trademark, Subscripts, and Superscripts
    on the iPad, with Unicode2Glyph conversion!

    3.) GameGlyph
    — Notation for E-mail and Tweeting Chess, Cards, Dice, and more.

    GameGlyph is planned for STEM education for youth groups to integrate socialization with the traditional game of Chess for technical collaboration as an exercise Terice. That is a most exciting way to engage students with a most traditional game via contemporary Twitter to figure out various plays, communicate their geometry, relevance with a notion of points from how they work together.

    Your team in Belton, Texas I believe may be able to extend such ideas even more of course with GameGlyph. Cymbol is more ordinary, but works with your suite already, Keynote, Pages, Numbers and various others.

    Clapboard is of course a task assist for iMovie makers with new media productions from scripts, scenes to the final edits for video engagement exercises. Fun, but demanding, making people think of time with its relation to their final product.

    You have catalyzed excitement there and let these be some more tools to raise that educational potential in STEM, new media and precision.

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