10 Reasons Not To Go 1:1 iPads

Yes. There are lots, probably thousands, of reasons NOT to have 1 device per student. I’ve heard them all. Here are 10:

  1. It’s too expensive.
  2. iPads are too hard to manage.
  3. Students will break/steal them.
  4. Parents won’t trust that this is the best way to educate their children.
  5. Teachers don’t know how to manage it and don’t want to.
  6. Devices are a classroom distraction.
  7. Software/apps are an ongoing expense.
  8. The technology networking department doesn’t know how to do it.
  9. Traditional teaching will not be possible.
  10. Supporting 1:1 iPads overwhelms your tech support staff.

So why do it?

Because it is the right thing to do. Our students need it. Our students beg for engaging ways to learn, and if we are going to keep them in our schools, we will need to answer their needs with current technology and teaching practices.

As to how hard it will be? It’s hard, but I promise, it will be okay. If we can do it, you certainly can!

Thank you for letting me have the pulpit this Sunday. I’ll be back to practicalities for my next post!


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1 Response to 10 Reasons Not To Go 1:1 iPads

  1. I loved the honest assessment of the inner talk of a lot of technology leaders implementing iPads in education. The bottom line is…Take a chance and learn from the experience.


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